Exhange your Bitcoins for new, clean Bitcoins. Zero Logs.

You must be using Tor browser. Tor browser can be downloaded for free at: https://tor-project.org

Once you've installed Tor, open it and navigate to: http://nologs5v3izpluuu.onion

Never follow links from unofficial sources. The 1 and only official onion mixer is located at: http://nologs5v3izpluuu.onion

How does onion mixer protect my privacy?

Onion mixer tumbles your bitcoin with a number of other bitcoins in the system, obfuscating the trail left on the public blockchain and outputting new, clean coins to a seperate, fully anonymous wallet. By using onion mixer, you are putting an added layer of protection between you and anybody watching or tracking your blockchain wallet activity. This is particularly useful in a number of circumstances, which allows users the means to protect their anonymity and leave no record or trace of their activity.

What privacy features does onion mixer offer?

Onion mixer offers a number of advanced security features designed to obfuscate and anonymize your blockchain footprint. Time based blockchain analysis is one of the most common ways cycbercriminals and "interested parties" succceed at tracing their victims. The random delay feature is extremely useful when transacting large amounts of bitcoin, as it leaves no pattern or timestamp for those parties to filter or sort by. As an added layer of anonymity, onion mixer also allows for multiple output wallet addresses. By splitting transaction amounts up incrementally, you're effectively adding more false routes for the snoop to sniff out, and putting yourself that many more steps ahead.

Why do I have to use Tor to access onion mixer?

Onion mixer is only available on the deep web. The deep web is primarily made up of .onion domain name extensions that aren't subject to comply with the centralized regulations of the "clear net." In many cases, legitimate mixer services have been shut down, forced to comply with, or conspire with LE and/or government agencies to reveal server logs and personal information about their user activity.

The benefit of being an onion only service allows us to deny and refuse to comply with such demands or requests. By doing so, we are able to ensure the anonymity and privacy of our users and give them faith in knowing we are not subject to cooperation or the exploitation of sensative client information.

When should I use onion mixer?

Onion mixer is mostly used by: Your next door neighbor ordering sex toys anonymously, the poker player trying to cash out his winnings in the U.S.A, privacy advocates who know how easily cybercriminals can steal their bitcoin, individuals holding large amounts of bitcoin and wants to remain low profile, anyone who's sending/receiving bitcoin from questionable sources.

Onion mixer is most definitly used by: Anyone who's ever used a deep web market, anybody using a bitcoin exchange tied to their identity, anybody concerned about the bitcoin they received and it's origin, anybody buying something online that falls within the "grey area" or perhaps receiving payment for goods or services that may be illicit in nature. Anybody using a mainstream exchange that is known to research and report blockchain transaction history on coins bought and sold on their platform.

What are some alternative bitcoin mixers?

As a primarily "donation based" business, we are more that happy to share additional tools and resources to further maximize our client's privacy. As such, we've found it appropriate to provide you the resources and tools to make a more informed and sophisticated decision on how to maximize your privacy online.

There are a number of additional bitcoin mixer services that follow the same security protocols as ourselves. Routine and common mixing behavior can become a metric in many advanced blockchain tracking tools. For those seeking the best way to stay fully anonymous online- it's important to also consider diversifying and randomizing their methods over time.

Onion mixer has an extremely large pool of clean, untainted bitcoin, as well as a number of other user's split bitcoin blocks that are funneled into our system being constantly split and obfuscated across the blockchain. However, in the event you're moving extremely large volume amounts of bitcoin- it's always best practice to "double mix" your bitcoin. Whether you mix with us first, or last, it's important to do it the right way.

Secondary bitcoin mixer:

Dream Market bitcoin mixer has been increasingly poplular amongst our users, and in several cases cooperated with us in providing a smooth and simple format to serve our common demographic. Whether you mix with them first, or last.. we can confidently reccomend them as a trusted partner and advocate of blockchain privacy.

Additionally, we like to recommend our clients to use new, clean anonymous wallet sources to send from and receive to. Naturally, all of these wallets should be created anonymously, using Tor browser.. however, there's several ways to think outside the box.

Anonymous Bitcoin casinos:

Onion Casino features a number of games clearly designed to waste time while awaiting blockchain confirmations. Simply send bitcoin to an online casino site, then transfer "winnings" to the bitcoin mixer of choice. By doing so, you're clearly passing ownership of the tainted coin over to the casino, which then outputs your cryptocurrency to the bitcoin mixer. Thus adding an extra layer and party to investigate and follow for any interested third party or cybercriminal.

First - Create a completely new bitcoin wallet using Tor or other anonymous connection. This will be where onion mixer sends your new, mixed bitcoin once it's complete.

Next - Using Tor, navigate to http://nologs5v3izpluuu.onion and double check the address to be sure it's the official onion mixer onion url.

Then - Paste the wallet address of your (newly created anonymous bitcoin wallet) in the field and proceed to the next step.

After that - You will be given a unique deposit address to where you'll send the bitcoin that you're wanting to mix. Send the funds, and wait for 1 confirmation.

Once the transaction confirms, the onion mixer will then send new, clean coins to the (new, anonymous) wallet address specified in step 1.